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General Contractor

Founded in 1993, CPR Construction is committed to maintaining close relationships with its clients, carrying out quality work with attention to detail and respecting our clients’ budgets. We collaborate proactively with the various stakeholders, professionals and subcontractors involved in the projects we work on.

Interior Design

We provide all the services needed to deliver impressive results, with an emphasis on following your budget, and the importance of design details created by the professionals involved in the project, including interior design, redesign and enlargement of your restaurant, boutique or store.


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CPR Construction has had a hand in building most of the radio stations in Quebec City. We work with the best acoustic treatment specialists in the province of Quebec and can advise you about soundproofing. Whether it is to improve your interior or your tranquillity, we can correct any situation with the best services available.

Project Management

We have had the pleasure of managing more than one project at the same time. If you want to work with your own contractors from different trades, we have an open work formula and can find you the best prices for your project.